Sunday, 20 February 2011

Destiny's Spinster?

 For those of you who have read my earlier posts; Old Maid, Accidental Spinster, What men think of Spinsters; you will accurately sense from them that I struggle with my Spinster status and continually battle to accept my fate. I question where I went wrong, what, if anything, I could have done to avoid the path of  Spinsterhood.

Well it transpires that maybe there is nothing I could have done which would have made the slightest difference to where I stand today. Even a "Sliding Doors" phenomenon which would have taken me on a parallel journey with different experiences, ultimately would have led to where I am at present, I would have just got here a another way. And how do I know this?.............Enter the"Nadis".

Briefly, Nadis are charts drawn up on pieces of bark hundreds of years ago. Inscribed on these woody sheets are the past, present and future of peoples lives today but written down in the past.. Hard to believe I know so here's the proof.

The famous Indian philosopher, Dr Deepak Chopra, experienced a Nadi reading by a young priest who did not speak English or Hindu, had spent his entire life in a temple in Southern India and therefore did not know who Deepak was. The reading taken from the thousand year old Nadis detailed Deepak's life with startling accuracy: birth date, his parent's name, his own name and wife's, how many children he had and where they lived, the day and hour of his father's death, his exact name and his mother's. Interestingly, it seemed at first that the priest had given the incorrect mother's name but after some family investigaton by Deepak, it transpires that it was indeed her birth name which had been changed when she was 3 years old.

Remember these words had all been written down a thousand years before and the Nadis are scattered all over India so it is only by pure chance to run across one that applies to you. And how are you matched up to a Nadi? Not by the time and date of your birth but by your thumb print. A person will walk into a reader's house and the reader takes a thumb print. Based on that the charts are located.

Further more the Nadi gave  Deepak the day of his own death, knowledge, which he chose to have.

Perhaps then fate is not in my hands and Spinsterhood is my destiny and nothing I ever did or could do will change that at this moment in time.To know if it will ever change I would have to have a reading.

Somewhere in India there maybe a Nadi detailing my life which  has already been set in stone (well in bark) hundreds of years ago.This i will only know if I ever choose to go in search for it and request a reading. I really don't like the idea of knowing the day I will die however, I think that part I would skip. Wouldn't you?

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Lonely Hearts?

Tomorrow marks a poignant date in the calendar of the majority of loved up couples. . Yes it's that time of year again  when Valentines day is  thrust upon men and women all over the world urging them to prove the measure of their love with expensive gifts and swanky weekends away. And could it be that the higher the value of the gift the increased depth of love is felt?? Does a £20 red bra & knicker set compare to a £300 night in a luxury hotel, romantic meal and champagne? Of course it doesn't...and don't fool yourself to think otherwise. And  if your better half is a 6 figure a year high flyer and presents a heart shaped box of chocolates as his token of affection then you may need to seriously reassess your relationship and self worth! Oooh how fickel I can hear you berate and yes  that is what Valentines Day is: One dimensional, cheap and  tacky. You would be justified too in thinking that perhaps I'm a little bit cynical and bitter because let's face it what will I be doing tomorrow evening?? I won't be wined and dined by a significant other. Flowers, perfume, chocolates and sexy underwear will not feature in my Monday 14th February 2011. But if they did I certainly wouldn't turn them down. I too have been and still can be wrapped up in the "romance" and fun that is spent on a day solely dedicated to love.

For those of you who preach that it is unnecessary to use a particular day to show how much you love someone ...well then you may as well state the same for Christmas. Is it therefore, unnecessary to recognise 25th December and extend goodwill to all men? Use it to heal family rifts, to forgive and be forgiven, to give and take and share? 

Valentines Day  draws out emotions not just exclusive to couples but which can and should also be extended to friends and family. For those of us who are not half of a whole but a whole all by ourselves, we are not lonely in our hearts,  something which Valentines expectations can so crassly  highlight. We can show our love and affection for those in our lives that are dear and important to us. 

So for those people I love (you know who you are) and whose love I have ......Happy Valentines Day xx
 "I don't understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine's Day.  When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon".  ~Author Unknown

Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Sinister Spinster dress - I'll have one in every colour please......NOT!!!

The Sinister Spinster Dress : Men love this dress. Seriously.
Simple, comfy, yet very elegant, this black Stretch velvet dress has an empire waist, pleated skirt, and pointed collar and cuffs. You choose the color of the collar and cuffs.
Collar Colors: "Black Rose" Velvet Flocked poplin ( Shown Here) or Satin Brocade in: Red, Black, Burgundy, Forest Green, Royal Blue, Purple, Pink.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Role Model for Spinsters?

Tonight I am all fired up, incensed infact over an article I have read.  And what has driven me to such emotion? Jennifer Aniston.  She is many things.......stunning, funny, wealthy, intelligent...but she is not a Spinster so how can the words role model, Spinster and Jennifer Aniston feature in the same sentence? Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't their a fairytale romantic wedding back in July 2000 which resulted in a marriage between her and Mr Brad Pitt.  Their highly publicised divorce in 2005 concludes that Jennifer Anniston is in fact a divorcee albeit a childless divorcee, but a divorcee nonetheless therefore she does not qualify as a Spinster and definately not a role model.

Maybe you  think I'm being a little sensitive and protective over the Spinster definition and to be fair a divorcee is single and a Spinster is single which does unite them. However, Jennifer Aniston has played the blushing bride, worn the white dress and thrown the prized bouquet. Sacred vows have been spoken upon her lips as two people became one. She has moved cheek to cheek,  heart to heart, entwined, dancing the first dance. No Ms Anniston you are not  a member of the Spinsterhood because you have lived  your fairytale, you have been a wife, you have had your husband and your in-laws. Now unless you spin wool in your spare time, the ring that was on your finger once upon a time rules you out.

However, you  Miss Minogue have had none of that so Kylie welcome aboard!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Not married, not bothered!

I've stolen the title of this post from a book that I am eager to read. I cannot wait to immerse myself in this A-Z of Spinsterhood by Carol Clewlow titled of course "Not Married, Not Bothered"..  From the reviews I have read and interviews she has given, Carol Clewlow views on single, childless women is not only refreshing but for me admirable and brave! It is not  a self pitying, apologetic portrayal of failing to conform, succeed in marriage and motherhood but  about a defiant heroin who is not a Spinster by accident but by  choice. HOORAY!! I want to be Riley Gordon and fly the flag for Spinsterhood! She is everything I'm not. She is comfortable with her Spinster status.. No that's not enough, she is HAPPY! I know I will get this and so much more from this much anticipated read.

Why hadn't I stumbled across it before during my dark days of feelings of hopelessness and despair? This will be my "Bible". I will reach for it when I'm attending the next wedding alone, the next birthday celebration wthout an escort. I will devour every last contradiction and point scoring with two fingers up at society's obsession with the "ticking clock"! I feel empowered already!

Oh dear, have I been hasty, a tad overzealous in putting my seal of approval on a book I have not even read? I broke off for a minute to read some more reviews and came across very negative feedback.

Dear book as you look down on me from the pedastal that I put you on......have I sung your praises too soon? Am I blinded by my own need for self absolution? Will you disappoint?

Well the proof is in the pudding...I better go and buy the damn thing now! ....................My review  of this book will be forthcoming in the near future....
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