Saturday, 5 February 2011

Role Model for Spinsters?

Tonight I am all fired up, incensed infact over an article I have read.  And what has driven me to such emotion? Jennifer Aniston.  She is many things.......stunning, funny, wealthy, intelligent...but she is not a Spinster so how can the words role model, Spinster and Jennifer Aniston feature in the same sentence? Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't their a fairytale romantic wedding back in July 2000 which resulted in a marriage between her and Mr Brad Pitt.  Their highly publicised divorce in 2005 concludes that Jennifer Anniston is in fact a divorcee albeit a childless divorcee, but a divorcee nonetheless therefore she does not qualify as a Spinster and definately not a role model.

Maybe you  think I'm being a little sensitive and protective over the Spinster definition and to be fair a divorcee is single and a Spinster is single which does unite them. However, Jennifer Aniston has played the blushing bride, worn the white dress and thrown the prized bouquet. Sacred vows have been spoken upon her lips as two people became one. She has moved cheek to cheek,  heart to heart, entwined, dancing the first dance. No Ms Anniston you are not  a member of the Spinsterhood because you have lived  your fairytale, you have been a wife, you have had your husband and your in-laws. Now unless you spin wool in your spare time, the ring that was on your finger once upon a time rules you out.

However, you  Miss Minogue have had none of that so Kylie welcome aboard!
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