Saturday, 22 January 2011

What do men think of Spinsters?

I had dinner the other evening with a business associate. He's a multi millionaire (self made), 10 years older than me, very worldy wise and a bit of a rascal (his own words). He loves to chase women and will do so until he dies. He is the archetype rogue but  always honest with women about what he wants. He is a charmer and very charismatic and I'm sure will never be devoid of female company. Certainly if he makes them feel how I felt that evening.... like a lady. When a man opens a door for me, pulls out a chair ...I like it alot and do not apologise for that. In those situatons I like a man to be a man and a woman to be a woman. He was very attentive and complimentary.  I was never without a drink and if I needed anything he summoned the waiters to attend to me.

Our conversation covered many topics but mainly our own personal relationships. He doesn't worry about being one day in his seventies, what I called him. "a lonely old man". He's never met the right woman and even if he did, he says he could never be loyal. I, however, do worry. Not about him!!Ha Ha!  About myself. I do not  want to travel the rest of my journey alone. I want a lover, a friend, a soulmate. I told him I was lonely in my  heart and wanted  happy ever after. However,  I would not settle for just anyone. I would rather be alone than with the wrong guy just for the sake of  having someone there.

I questioned his view on my Spinster status and he didn't find it  odd and couldn't understand why I wasn't comfortable with it. He says my  standards are high and that's a good thing. He concluded that at least I wasn't in a  loveless marriage or had gone through the heartache of divorce.  If Mr Right had already made an appearance in my life then I wouldn't be single but clearly he hadn't....yet!

It seems I've avoided alot of  potential sadness in my life. Does that mean I should feel fortunate with my Spinster status? Maybe I'm more worried about what other people think, especially the opposite sex. I thought all men would view me with suspicion and wonder why I hadn't ventured down the marital path, there must be something wrong with me??  However, my friend has given me some hope that not all men think that way.

And yes he did ask me to go to bed with him but I was expecting that.,,,,and did I???
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