Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Surfing for Love

We don't look for love anymore we surf for it. 10 years ago Internet Dating was pursued by thousands, but in secret. Now it is as socially acceptable as sending birthday cards online. I used to turn my nose up at the whole online dating game. I viewed advertising yourself to strangers as  reeking of desparation. How sad to stoop to such levels. But I realise I was only pretending to myself that I was fine as I was and didn't need any help, I could find my own love. Well.... I hadn't yet! So after much persuasion and under some duress from my circle of friends I joined an online dating site for 6 months with the view that if my soulmate had not appreared after this time,then that was it, I'd given it a go and could not be accused of  knocking it before I tried it.

So after answering the plethora of psychosymetric questions, to which point I knew so much more about myself I wasn't sure if I liked me anymore...!!, and attaching a recent enough photo that should we meet, the real me wasn't too far removed from my profile image, I presented myself to Dating Land!! Here I am ....come and get me!!

Was I expecting a deluge of winks and nudges ...it would have been nice I admit and the respectful amount I did receive made me feel flattered, even if some were sent by the Tweedledees and Tweedledums of this earth! Well I'm sorry but there were some "questionable" images!!   And unless they  looked half decent I wasn't going to venture futher into their profile. Fickle you may call it..........been a realist I call it!

Jumping a few steps brings us to my first suitable match.  On paper we were compatible at every level and we lived close to each other, a brucey bonus. We spoke on the phone and made each other laugh. We seemed at ease and very much of the same ilk and so we decided to meet up. With my heart pounding, stomach churning and nerves all over the place, I ran down to the door in answer to his anouncement that he'd arrived. I locked the door behind me, spun round, and there he was. And I knew there and then that he was not "the one". I didn't expect fireworks or to be consumed with an uncontrollable desire to throw myself into his arms but I did want a spark, a knowing look.  It wasn't there and whilst the evening was very pleasant "it" didn't materialise and I looked for "it".... very hard.

So it just goes to show that there is no scientific test, labatory experiment and disecting of personalities, characteristics, likes and dislikes that will guarantee you Mr Right. If he hasn't got "it"...and you both don't create a spark, then it's all in vain.

I will leave my cupids bow to be fired by the Universe, the Cosmos, Fate.

And what is "it" that we all look for.......an invisible, unspoken, intangible connection......
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