Thursday, 7 April 2011

Flying Solo................

The lighter evenings and warmer temperatures indicate the onset of  Summertime. As we waved farewell to Christmas and New Year cheer for another year, holiday companies were already lining up ready to bombard us with their advertising campaigns, whisking us away to exoctic destinations which promise us sun, sea and laughter.

Marvelous!! I absolutely love nothing better than planning a week or two away from the humdrum of everyday life and unpredictable, often lousy, British weather and I will happily pay for the privalage. However, what I do object to is being forced to pay extra to sleep in a hotel room on my own! Why? Single bloody supplement that's why!! Let's discriminate against those of us who have to holiday on our own because we are without partner,spouse, boyfriend, child, by imposing this penalty! Why not call it Sad Single Supplement for even greater impact!!

Even if I were to travel with a friend and her partner,(highly unlikely as I don't play the "spare part" very well) I'm hardly going to share a room with the "happy couple"! So I have to have a room on my own and pay the premium for using less water than two people, less electricity, wear and tear on the towels, furniture and bed (well unless I get lucky of course)!!Ha Ha!

I know why they charge compensate for the losses incurred because only one person is using the room.Okay so I may have more surplus cash to spend than Mum and Dad who with several children in tow, need every last penny to keep the little darlings entertained.  But if there are family rooms available with 3 even 4 beds where costs are saved by Mum and Dad and the hotelier gets more for the room, why can't that be weighed against a single occupancy room?
We pay less council tax for occupying a house on our own. So why not in a hotel room?

Without a single supplement, the extra £15 - £20 per night saving could be spent in the hotel bar, or on the a la carte menu instead of the set menu. There would even be money spare to enjoy the hotel spa. So in essence, the money would still be injected back into the hotel only this way we would get somethng enjoyable for what we paid for. Everyone is happy all round. Result!

So what next?  A single supplement for dining out alone in a restaurant because the seat opposite is empty and therefore redundant without a paying customer sat on it?

If lady drivers are now having to pay the same insurance car premiums as men because otherwise  it is deemed as sex discrininiaton to pay lower., then perhaps those of us flying on holiday solo should pay the same for our room as couples, or otherwise could this also be seen as discrimination?
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