Sunday, 13 February 2011

Lonely Hearts?

Tomorrow marks a poignant date in the calendar of the majority of loved up couples. . Yes it's that time of year again  when Valentines day is  thrust upon men and women all over the world urging them to prove the measure of their love with expensive gifts and swanky weekends away. And could it be that the higher the value of the gift the increased depth of love is felt?? Does a £20 red bra & knicker set compare to a £300 night in a luxury hotel, romantic meal and champagne? Of course it doesn't...and don't fool yourself to think otherwise. And  if your better half is a 6 figure a year high flyer and presents a heart shaped box of chocolates as his token of affection then you may need to seriously reassess your relationship and self worth! Oooh how fickel I can hear you berate and yes  that is what Valentines Day is: One dimensional, cheap and  tacky. You would be justified too in thinking that perhaps I'm a little bit cynical and bitter because let's face it what will I be doing tomorrow evening?? I won't be wined and dined by a significant other. Flowers, perfume, chocolates and sexy underwear will not feature in my Monday 14th February 2011. But if they did I certainly wouldn't turn them down. I too have been and still can be wrapped up in the "romance" and fun that is spent on a day solely dedicated to love.

For those of you who preach that it is unnecessary to use a particular day to show how much you love someone ...well then you may as well state the same for Christmas. Is it therefore, unnecessary to recognise 25th December and extend goodwill to all men? Use it to heal family rifts, to forgive and be forgiven, to give and take and share? 

Valentines Day  draws out emotions not just exclusive to couples but which can and should also be extended to friends and family. For those of us who are not half of a whole but a whole all by ourselves, we are not lonely in our hearts,  something which Valentines expectations can so crassly  highlight. We can show our love and affection for those in our lives that are dear and important to us. 

So for those people I love (you know who you are) and whose love I have ......Happy Valentines Day xx
 "I don't understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine's Day.  When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon".  ~Author Unknown
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