Sunday, 20 February 2011

Destiny's Spinster?

 For those of you who have read my earlier posts; Old Maid, Accidental Spinster, What men think of Spinsters; you will accurately sense from them that I struggle with my Spinster status and continually battle to accept my fate. I question where I went wrong, what, if anything, I could have done to avoid the path of  Spinsterhood.

Well it transpires that maybe there is nothing I could have done which would have made the slightest difference to where I stand today. Even a "Sliding Doors" phenomenon which would have taken me on a parallel journey with different experiences, ultimately would have led to where I am at present, I would have just got here a another way. And how do I know this?.............Enter the"Nadis".

Briefly, Nadis are charts drawn up on pieces of bark hundreds of years ago. Inscribed on these woody sheets are the past, present and future of peoples lives today but written down in the past.. Hard to believe I know so here's the proof.

The famous Indian philosopher, Dr Deepak Chopra, experienced a Nadi reading by a young priest who did not speak English or Hindu, had spent his entire life in a temple in Southern India and therefore did not know who Deepak was. The reading taken from the thousand year old Nadis detailed Deepak's life with startling accuracy: birth date, his parent's name, his own name and wife's, how many children he had and where they lived, the day and hour of his father's death, his exact name and his mother's. Interestingly, it seemed at first that the priest had given the incorrect mother's name but after some family investigaton by Deepak, it transpires that it was indeed her birth name which had been changed when she was 3 years old.

Remember these words had all been written down a thousand years before and the Nadis are scattered all over India so it is only by pure chance to run across one that applies to you. And how are you matched up to a Nadi? Not by the time and date of your birth but by your thumb print. A person will walk into a reader's house and the reader takes a thumb print. Based on that the charts are located.

Further more the Nadi gave  Deepak the day of his own death, knowledge, which he chose to have.

Perhaps then fate is not in my hands and Spinsterhood is my destiny and nothing I ever did or could do will change that at this moment in time.To know if it will ever change I would have to have a reading.

Somewhere in India there maybe a Nadi detailing my life which  has already been set in stone (well in bark) hundreds of years ago.This i will only know if I ever choose to go in search for it and request a reading. I really don't like the idea of knowing the day I will die however, I think that part I would skip. Wouldn't you?


  1. She who loves Gem21 February 2011 at 09:51

    How did you get to be so wise without my noticing!
    I think I would like to find my piece of bark,

  2. i would definitely want to know my death date

  3. You don't have to go to India to find your nadi. Email me at There is Nadi House in Chennai that does readings via skype and they are amazing. The remedies too they will arrange by proxy.


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