Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Not married, not bothered!

I've stolen the title of this post from a book that I am eager to read. I cannot wait to immerse myself in this A-Z of Spinsterhood by Carol Clewlow titled of course "Not Married, Not Bothered"..  From the reviews I have read and interviews she has given, Carol Clewlow views on single, childless women is not only refreshing but for me admirable and brave! It is not  a self pitying, apologetic portrayal of failing to conform, succeed in marriage and motherhood but  about a defiant heroin who is not a Spinster by accident but by  choice. HOORAY!! I want to be Riley Gordon and fly the flag for Spinsterhood! She is everything I'm not. She is comfortable with her Spinster status.. No that's not enough, she is HAPPY! I know I will get this and so much more from this much anticipated read.

Why hadn't I stumbled across it before during my dark days of feelings of hopelessness and despair? This will be my "Bible". I will reach for it when I'm attending the next wedding alone, the next birthday celebration wthout an escort. I will devour every last contradiction and point scoring with two fingers up at society's obsession with the "ticking clock"! I feel empowered already!

Oh dear, have I been hasty, a tad overzealous in putting my seal of approval on a book I have not even read? I broke off for a minute to read some more reviews and came across very negative feedback.

Dear book as you look down on me from the pedastal that I put you on......have I sung your praises too soon? Am I blinded by my own need for self absolution? Will you disappoint?

Well the proof is in the pudding...I better go and buy the damn thing now! ....................My review  of this book will be forthcoming in the near future....
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