Monday, 27 June 2011

Would you......Dial A Man?

I watched "The Wedding Date" the other evening. A RomCom where a single woman hires a male escort to accompany her to her sisters wedding weekend in order to make her ex jealous.  I can think of many reasons to hire a male escort but stirring the "green eyed monster" in former partners is not one of them.  However it got me thinking about these men who hire themselves out to women of varying ages, occupation and status. Their role is simple enough....remain attentive, engage in intelligent conversation, listen to their "date" and look smart and handsome whilst pretending to be an "old friend", "business associate" or whatever else is necessary to convince the onlookers that he is with her through choice and not for financial gain. Discretion is paramount unless of course you are happy to introduce "Julian" as the man you've hired for the evening because you can't find a decent looking man of your own!

There are, however, those women who are avid escort users.  They do not  have the time or energy to deal with conventional dating methods but enjoy no strings male company where she is completely in control.
There are numerous online sites and agencies. From those who just want an innocent dinner date and would never pay for any "optional extras", to those who slip him an extra few pounds and he'll be escorting you to the nearest hotel room for what is basically paid sex. Females are not the only customers of male escorts but men too who are typically between 40 and 60, very wealthy and exist in a world where money literally buys anything. For these last two types however, the title "male escort" is really just a smokescreen for a "male prostitute" and "rent boy".

Is it better than a "one night stand"? Well it's likely to be healthier and safer (most escorts carry condoms) and you're guarateed a good time.  Maybe I should try it myself ( strictly for research purposes only of course)!
Is it morally right? This depends on the person doing the hiring and being hired. If it rests easy in your mind and no one gets hurt then I guess why not?

It is in principle a business relationship where both parties involved know exactly what to expect and what is expected. Money doesn't even change hands as this is prepaid to the agency.

But there is an element of double standards here. Whether you like it or not, whether its wrong or right, lets face it...if a woman buys sex the man is a male escort,  but if a man buys sex the woman is deemed to be a prostitute. 
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