Thursday, 7 April 2011

Flying Solo................

The lighter evenings and warmer temperatures indicate the onset of  Summertime. As we waved farewell to Christmas and New Year cheer for another year, holiday companies were already lining up ready to bombard us with their advertising campaigns, whisking us away to exoctic destinations which promise us sun, sea and laughter.

Marvelous!! I absolutely love nothing better than planning a week or two away from the humdrum of everyday life and unpredictable, often lousy, British weather and I will happily pay for the privalage. However, what I do object to is being forced to pay extra to sleep in a hotel room on my own! Why? Single bloody supplement that's why!! Let's discriminate against those of us who have to holiday on our own because we are without partner,spouse, boyfriend, child, by imposing this penalty! Why not call it Sad Single Supplement for even greater impact!!

Even if I were to travel with a friend and her partner,(highly unlikely as I don't play the "spare part" very well) I'm hardly going to share a room with the "happy couple"! So I have to have a room on my own and pay the premium for using less water than two people, less electricity, wear and tear on the towels, furniture and bed (well unless I get lucky of course)!!Ha Ha!

I know why they charge compensate for the losses incurred because only one person is using the room.Okay so I may have more surplus cash to spend than Mum and Dad who with several children in tow, need every last penny to keep the little darlings entertained.  But if there are family rooms available with 3 even 4 beds where costs are saved by Mum and Dad and the hotelier gets more for the room, why can't that be weighed against a single occupancy room?
We pay less council tax for occupying a house on our own. So why not in a hotel room?

Without a single supplement, the extra £15 - £20 per night saving could be spent in the hotel bar, or on the a la carte menu instead of the set menu. There would even be money spare to enjoy the hotel spa. So in essence, the money would still be injected back into the hotel only this way we would get somethng enjoyable for what we paid for. Everyone is happy all round. Result!

So what next?  A single supplement for dining out alone in a restaurant because the seat opposite is empty and therefore redundant without a paying customer sat on it?

If lady drivers are now having to pay the same insurance car premiums as men because otherwise  it is deemed as sex discrininiaton to pay lower., then perhaps those of us flying on holiday solo should pay the same for our room as couples, or otherwise could this also be seen as discrimination?


  1. Hi there GEM,
    First of all, the British summer is, from my observation, the warm part of the British winter.
    Anyway, I totally agree with what you have noted in this very interesting posting. That single supplement crap is something I have had to put up with on too many occasions and yes, it's unfair. And yes, you're right, we have to cover the cost because they couldn't get a family or a group of people to rent the room. Well, actually, they should be grateful that the room has been rented out. Shouldn't be punished for being single, I say.
    I hope that restaurant owners are not reading this posting. Wouldn't want them to catch onto a money spinner that takes advantage of someone having the audacity to dine alone.
    There's a lot of discrimination in our world and I very much relate to what you have alluded too.
    I'm going over to Vancouver on my own. Shall being staying with some friends and family. Yikes, I hope they don't think about charging me for staying with them and charging even more because I came on my own.
    You take very good care of yourself, GEM.
    With respect and kind wishes, your way, Gary :)

  2. Thank you for such a wonderful post. I enjoyed every bit of furniture

  3. Hello Gary

    That'll be the warm part of the British winter that lasts 12 months then?

    Oh dear I hope too I haven't instigated a new policy with Restaurants!! If they do I'll open my own restauarant with nothing but row upon row of tables for one. Screwed down to the floor so they can't be pushed together to accomodate more than one person! Ha Ha! Now what would I name it......??

    Have a great trip to Canada and yes lets hope your friends are kinder than the hotel owners, I'm sure they are ; )

    Take care


  4. Hello Harry

    You're very welcome, thank you for your kind comments I'm glad you enjoyed it. Alas I have no use for Kids Furniture being the modern day spinster that I am but I took a peak and you have some great stuff so I'll bear it in mind for my numerous nieces, nephew and godchildren! : )

    Take Care


  5. Hi GEM,
    Yes, I'm back and the garden gnomes have been really well behaved :)
    Now then, not sure what you might name your restaurant. However, I can see a television crew, film a 'reality show' from your restaurant. The show might be titled 'Can't Dine with Me'.
    Sorry, that was crap, but hey, I'm too busy multitasking :)
    And thank you for your kind wishes in regards to my eagerly anticipated trip to Canada. I've heard that the parades in my honour are coming along nicely :)
    Hope you had a nice weekend.
    Kind wishes and respect, your way, Gary.

  6. That single supplement rule they got over there where you live is pure horseshit. I agree... you shouldn't be penalized for being single. I like what you said about 'Sad Single Supplement'. Funny and tragic all at once. I'm not sure that they do this in the U.S. hotels. If I was ever single again and having to stay the night in a hotel and found out that they did, I'd be plenty pissed. Unless some girl took pity upon my kind soul, came up to my room, gave me a bump n' grind action and slept with me in the hotel room. Then- I guess that I wouldn't mind so much, I suppose. :) Hey, I'm following you (I mean- not literally-don't freak out!) And I noticed you were kind enough to put me on your blogroll so I did the same. Take care, GEM. Love your blog.

  7. Many thanks Kelly and yes I agree it wouldn't be so bad to pay the supplement if one was supplemented a certain way too!!

    Take Care


  8. Yes, this is pure discrimination and does not stand up to logical analysis, just the excuse to squeeze the last thin dime out of the consumer. I must say I was not aware of this discrimination in the states, or elsewhere. My wife and I have been married since 1955, and so I haven't had to be aware of this. I do like the looks of your blog and the interesting writing. I will be back. My best.


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