Saturday, 7 May 2011

Blinded by the "Voice"?

I recently came across a live recording of the Gipsy Kings singing "My Way" in Spanish. ...A Mi Manera.   I was enthralled not only by the incadescent sensual tones of the Spanish word, but found  myself mesmerised by the barely 5'5 tall singer who looked like he had a penchant for many tapas and had never seen a comb  to tame his black corse pubic style hair. Sounds attractive? Not in the least! However, I was mesmerised.
I found myself lost in his eyes but equally lost in his haunting beautiful voice. Surely he was singing to me?? I am normally  attractive to generically good looking men yet I found myself lusting over Spains answer to Danny De Vito!

What is it about a man who can sing and sing well that turns level headed, good honest women into fanatical screaming banshees? Take Tom Jones for example. Yes he was attractrive in his day but put him serving burgers in Mcdonalds and would you have whipped  your knickers off, flung them skyward,  for them to fall in the deep fat fryer? I think not. Tom Jones, staturesque and testerone pumped, belting out "My Delilha" whilst thrusting his pelvis would send even Mother Teresa into a spin. Demis Roussos and Barry White...not my idea of eye candy but  their dulcet tones had women throwing themselves at them. Even later in life, Elvis' bloated body and drugged dazed state could still pull the babes with his stunning voice and hip action.

Lyle Lovett is a clear example as to how a non conventional looking man can attract a "pretty woman". But if you don't look and just listen, his country boy voice is really sexy. Maybe Julia Robets liked blindfolds??

Rockers, heavy metallers, head banging long haired unshaven leather clad whisky swilling dirty smelly men. Give them a guitar, a husky voice and half open eye lid look and women just melt at their feet.

Equally a man in a uniform turns what is normally average Joe into Prince Charming. And here's one that the very clever and astute people in Marketing deploy...... a man holding a new born baby...heart warming and.priceless!  Only those unromantic cynics amongst us would not be fooled by the perfect image of devotion.

So any guys out there who are having a hard time in attracting the girl of your dreams....get yourself some singing lessons and serenade her. I promise it's not cheesy....honest!! Failing that, borrow a Military uniform or steal a baby!


  1. Married the Danny Dd Vito type because he made me laugh, still does, had two men in uniform too, both ran of steam trying to keep up with me, not tried the singer yet though, obviously given my age it will either have to be a toy boy - aged anywhere from 21 to 50 would fit the bill - or Tom Jones could qualify as the older man!!

  2. Dear Anonymous

    The two men in uniform....weren't at the same time were they??

    You are right though, a man that can make you laugh covers a multitude of faults!

    Thakns for stopping by.

    Take Care


  3. It's wild what will turn a woman on, even though the guy is mediocre in looks. I think, like you mentioned here, if they have talent, they can pull the women in. Hell, I've seen ugly guys with a great sense of humor attract women. I'm not talking about me, here. :) I'm talking about certain comedians you see in the movies and on TV. I enjoyed your insightful post, GEM. You looked at the "laws of attraction" at a unique angle and took them in a different direction. Well done.

  4. Hi Kelly

    thank you so much for your comments. I guess my point is that put some of these idolised men in an normal everyday situation and their appeal would significantly decrease!
    Us women can be so fickel!

    Take Care

  5. Clothes make the man...voice makes the man...humor makes the man...
    talent makes the man...uniforms make the man...lack of looks make the man...carrying babies...drugged looks...all of these (unlikely) or just one of these (likely) will cause them to whip off their knickers faster than you can say "Have you heard this one?" Men, make some notes here. This is the mother lode of advice! My best.


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